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Animal group
TestGris # Piglet # 210504 Report Test 104 105 Final

Comparison of four diets containing either fish meal and blood plasma, AX3 Digest, AX3 Advanced or AX3 Gastric as the main protein source for small piglets after weaning.

Animal group: Piglet
Guelph University # Chicken # Technical Report For Advanced Soy Products 20210608

Utility of advanced soy protein concentrates in starter feeding program to support early development of broiler chickens for enhanced and efficient performance through to market weight

Animal group: Chicken
SFR # Piglet # Digestibility Trial # Day 41

1745 VA18 10 VOB 59 Report FINAL AFP 02 10 2019 (3)

Animal group: Piglet
Guelph University # Chicken # Performance, gastrointestinal tract, and microbiome

Impact of different doses of modified soy protein concentrate (AX3Advanced®GMO) on growth performance and intestinal physiology in broiler chickens

Animal group: Chicken
SFR # Piglet # Effect Of Crude Protein Level, ABC 4 Value, and Protein Source

60 VA20 23 Effect Of Crude Protein Level, ABC 4 Value, And Prot...

Animal group: Piglet
TestGris # Piglet # Productivity # Fishmeal replacement

Piglet2018feedresfac Productivity Fishm SPC56 Ax3digest Report Final180614 Testgris DK

Animal group: Piglet
University of Illinois # Piglet # Digestibility # At day 83

Piglet2012univtrial Digestibility AA Ax3dig Vs AS530 Vs SBM Illinois US

Animal group: Piglet
University of Madrid # Chicken # Performance and gastrointestinal tract# Day 0 - 35

The Prestarter Diet On Growth Performance And Gastrointestinal Tract Traits Of Broilers From 0 To 35 Days Of Age

Animal group: Chicken
FIS # Piglet # Productivity, low protein diet

FIS20191217AAA Final Report Effect Of Ax3digest On Performance Of Piglets

Animal group: Piglet
Leeds University # Piglet # Productivity AX3Digest Vs FM Vs SPC

Piglet2014univtrial Productivity Ax3dig Vs FM Vs SPC Leeds UK

Animal group: Piglet
Dr. Q # Chicken # Productivity & Performance # Day 1 - 42

20190821 Protocal For Bigscale Demonstration Test In Broilers By Dr. Q(1)

Animal group: Chicken
Groupe Cérès # Piglet # Report AX3 Advance Soy Protein C 144

Impact of the use of different sources of modified Soy Protein on performance and diarrhea scores of pigs during nursery period

Animal group: Piglet
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