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AX3 Digest

Our product helps weaning piglets with a significantly better protein digestibility, which helps you reduce the use of antibiotics and zinc oxide in the feed.

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Gris 11.2022

"Better gut health despite higher protein content"

 The argument for using a diet with a low crude protein content for weaning piglets is to avoid diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal disorders. However, a diet based on AX3Digest and a high level of crude protein can provide piglets with the same or better gut health as a normal low-protein diet. 

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AX3® is 15 % more digestible than LT fishmeal

“In piglets, the refined protein AX3® has significantly better protein digestibility than HP soybean meal and LT fishmeal,” says Dr Anne Huting, a researcher at Dutch-based SFR who conducted a comparative study of the three protein sources. The study was performed by measuring the results in piglets 21 days after weaning (day 49).