AX3 in chicken

Lm Chicken Anatomy Ax3, Kopi 3

AX3® ensures chicken the best start in life

A stable gut can help prevent the onset of enteric disease and improve nutrient utilisation, thus boosting growth performance. It is therefore interesting that inclusion of AX3® in the first feed reduced the abundance of Clostridium sensu stricto and E. coli and increased the prevalence of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacilli, indicating improved gut health. The effects of AX3® on cecal microbiota in 42-day-old broiler chickens were not as pronounced as during the starter phase. However, birds fed AX3® showed a linear increase in abundance of Bifidobacterium. The results with AX3® show that the microbiome can be altered towards a healthier composition by selecting the right ingredients for the starter phase.

Microbial Flora Chart 1

Spearmans analysis of intestinal microflora