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Weaning is a stressful event for piglets, subjecting them to many changes. As a rule, the abrupt change from sow’s milk to solid feed leads to a decrease in feed intake during the first days post-weaning. Low feed intake and stress damage the intestinal wall and compromise the piglet’s immune system. Although piglets increase their feed intake a few days post-weaning, their digestive capacity is still underdeveloped. This results in undigested nutrients, such as protein, accumulating in the large intestine, causing a proliferation of harmful bacteria and, subsequently, diarrhoea.

"Highly digestible protein can be a means of reducing the risk of weaning diarrhoea, thus improving the growth and health of piglets", says Dr Anne Huting, SFR

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Chicks are completely sterile when they hatch, and most vital organs only reach maximum relative function during the first week of life. Nevertheless, today’s broiler chick has the capacity to increase its body weight by 25% overnight and by 5,000% by 5 weeks of age. Therefore,

“It is crucial to give a starter feed with highly digestible proteins that will promote healthy gut microbiota in order to produce good-sized, viable chickens”, says Dr Elijah Kiarie, Guelph University